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At mark solution Inc. (hereinafter referred to as we) understand the importance of protecting privacy information and strictly obey the law for this matter. In order to respect any users of privacy, we carefully keep the policy below. The policy is kept by all employees in our company, and we all continuously try to improve it. Upon receiving privacy information from any customers, we cherish mutual agreements and provide information about how we handle with the privacy information beforehand. Also, provided privacy information is dealt within designed range on agreements so that the information is not used for any other purposes. We clear the use of the information and inform the owner of its information. By reasonable technical strategies, we protect from hacking, lost, broken, manipulation and disclosure. There is no way to provide privacy information to a third person except on one condition when we use the information according to the agreements we make with the information owner. When we do so, the third person will be asked to follow the appropriate way to handle. If information owners request to confirm and correct information, we will immediately change it.
Contact about the privacy information / At mark solution Inc./ +81-6-7506-9304 / Masuda

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