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Introduction to our programming courses
School for program development and technology infrastructure, JIRAIYA
We support engineering education for the next generations.
Even though I would like to go to a community college, I cannot afford it
I have no clue what I should study in order to work in an IT company
How should I "job-hunt"?
It seems too complicated for me to deal with IT.
I am only free on week-ends because of my work during weekdays. Is it alright?
If you are in any of these situations please contact us.

We can offer a great and comfortable studying environment for everyone. It does not matter if you have never used a computer. Let’s learn step by step together.
- Other than the course for “Education for programming development and infrastructure technology”, we also offer a “course to acquire high school graduate qualification”. Please contact us if you consider taking these. With “course to acquire high school graduate qualification”, By February 2012, two out of two students succeeded to get the certification.

The head master of Jiraiya cram school Gosuke Hira

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